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About Us

About Fernelle's – the personal side

Fernelle’s Express is an intermodal drayage fulfillment company based in Kansas City, Kansas.  We can be described best as a small, family-oriented and service-driven company.  Fernelle's has earned a reputation for quality service, reliability, and loyalty; to our customers, our drivers and our office staff.

Founded in 1998 by Cindy Enfield-Stillians, Fernelle’s was built on a dream, determination, and support of family.  With a single customer and a handful of drivers, our team worked tirelessly to establish Fernelle's as the best of the best in intermodal drayage.  More than 20 years later we are privileged to say that our customer base continues to grow and many of the drivers who were here to open our doors, remain part of the Fernelle’s family, today.

The Fernelle’s office staff are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient; focused solely on customer satisfaction.  Members of the Enfield and Stillians families conduct the day-to-day business functions of the company.  An important goal from the beginning was to incorporate our family into the business; and to build a family within the business.  We have been fortunate enough to grow and to gain a reputation for excellence, as a company; while remaining a small business that is rooted in the importance of family.

Meet Our Fernelle's Team  



Cindy Enfield Stillians


Safety Coordinator

Michelle Olesen


Dispatch Coordinator

Benjamin Saunders


Maintenance Coordinator

Kevin Stillians

Meet Our Drivers

  1. Company Drivers

      1. Donald “Cowboy” Arnold – 2017

      2. Seth Bailey – 2015

      3. Kip Buford – 2017

      4. Sandi McDaniel – 2015

      5. Jack Nelson – 1998

      6. Johnny Phelps – 2014

      7. Kevin Stillians – 2014

      8. James “JT” Tolle – 2014

    1. Owner-Operators

      1. Steve Bertling – 2017

      2. Randy Bowen – 2010

      3. Austin Davis – 2018

      4. Scott Harney – 2017

      5. Toby Stillians – 2014

      6. Terry Stone – 2011

      7. Scott Swenson – 1999

      8. Lawrence Woods – 2008

    2. Retired Drivers

      1. Russ Wiggins – 2000 – 2017

    3. In Memory of

      1. Alan Abington - 2018

      2. Milo Butts – 2014

      3. Charles “Chuck” Hunter – 2013

      4. William “Lucky” Luckett – 2017

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